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Neighbourly November

Neighbourly November

In the lead-up to the festive season, why not decide to give something different this year – maybe your time, experience, knowledge, sympathy, or your help to a local good cause right here in RH!

Volunteering is not new, people have been volunteering, often without public acclaim for hundreds of years. Perhaps, today, it is now more formalised than ever and recognised as being beneficial to both the volunteer and the people or organisation being helped through a generous act of kindness.

Volunteering is proven to be beneficial to the volunteer as it is a sure fire way to meet new people, it offers the opportunity to learn new skills, or use your existing experience in a new setting, and it has been shown to be good for your physical and mental wellbeing – getting out and finding a routine.

Professionally, it can provide a way to get back into work after a break, give a boost to your CV – so if you are looking for a change of career or to boost your current career, give volunteering a go! If you are at the end of your working life, volunteering can be a great addition as an activity for retirement.

How Can You Help?

  • 2017 has been a bleak year for people at home and abroad, and little acts can help aid them.
  • Thinking local, nationally and globally, take action about what is going-on – Write to your MP
  • Give food or volunteer your time to some close to home – Visit your local foodbank
  • Improve the lives for refuges in the UK – Contact a local refugees welcome group
  • Buy a cup of tea for a rough sleeper – Do your bit in your nearest High Street
  • Visit or make a phone call to a lonely, elderly person – Do you know someone to call?

Make this month, Neighbourly November!

By Jacob White

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