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Managing the Menopause

Managing The Menopause

Are you suddenly finding yourself feeling hotter than the Gobi Desert? You know the feeling, as you settle down for a night’s sleep you want to throw the duvet
out the window? I’m talking about the signs that the menopause may be starting.

What are possible signs and symptoms that it may has started?

• Hot flushes or night sweats

• Feeling your heart racing

• Difficulty in sleeping, either going to or staying asleep

• Reduced libido

• Mood changes, such as feeling tired, irritable, depressed or anxious

• Concentration loss or poor memory

What can Doctors help you with during these changes within your body?

The most important thing to say is, don’t put off going and speaking to your GP. They can help guide you. They have many links to other organisations who can help with this transition your body is going through.

Doctors have a wide array of medications available including HRT, which research has shown can help to restore the level of the hormone, oestrogen. Many other medications are available, which may help with the hot flushes, nausea or other changes in mood.

Are there any natural alternatives available?

Exercise has been shown not only to help with some of the symptoms but also by exercising you help protect your body from heart disease and osteoporosis. Always seek advice from a fitness or medical professional before commencing any exercise.

Relaxation techniques or self-hypnosis may also help. Learning how to manage the anxious thoughts around these changes can give you back a feeling of being in control.

Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and other alternative remedies are widely available too. It’s always important to get yourself checked out by a GP if concerned, and then find a course of treatments or combination of things that work for you. Our bodies are all different, so if one doesn’t work, try an alternative. Don’t give up.

I know there are some extremely knowledgeable professionals in this area who are on hand to help and give advice. There are many ways to help you through this time of changes, always speak to someone. It’s important to know you are not alone.

Becky Wells,
Personal Development Hypnotherapist

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