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Living Independently for Longer

Living Independently For Longer

How many times have you taken your parents or grandparents to one of the local tea rooms? Do you know where any of them are? Tea rooms I mean.

We get caught up in the big issues in providing for our older relatives and sometimes forget that a simple cup of tea or getting out and about and feeling a part of the community will make them feel good.

What else is out there to help with a ‘get up and get out’ attitude?

Many charitable organisations such as Age UK or Age Concern have activities going on most days of the week. When I looked recently on the local Crawley Age Concern group’s website their activities included Cinema Club, Tai Chi, Painting, Yoga, Dance Fit (similar to Zumba Gold) and even a foodies group.

They even offer advice on finding help at home, finance, debt, housing needs, health advice and much more. Some even offer hairdressing facilities.

I was starting to wonder how old I had to be to join. I’m going grey does that count?

And it got me wondering what else is out there to help ease us into our later years and living independently for longer?

Domiciliary care (or caring at home) is a great resource. Often due to no fault of their own, our elderly relatives struggle with certain tasks around the home. Having that extra pair of hands allows them to keep their independence. Citizens Advice, Local GP’s and even the charities can put you in touch with these organisations.

If your elderly friends or relatives cannot get out easily, check out the local mobility shops. They have equipment they can hire out and, like Age UK and Age Concern, are great resources of other information.

If after all that walking and socialising they need to put their feet up, look into mobile podiatrists or chiropodists. Just think how many miles those feet have walked over all those decades.

There are so many social groups, clubs and activities for those at retirement age. Many of my older friends tell me they’re busier than when they were working. I usually have to make an appointment with them to catch up.

As Mark Twain was quoted as saying: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

Becky Wells,
Personal Development Hypnotherapist

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