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Haywards Heath Rugby Club Scores Big Following Council Funding Deal

Haywards Heath Rugby Club Scores Big Following Council Funding Deal

Haywards Heath Rugby Club is celebrating an announcement from Mid Sussex District Council that the council will provide funding of £40,000 to the club which will go towards improving the club’s Whitemans Green clubhouse in Cuckfield.

Mid Sussex District Council received £40,000 as a one-off payment for the installation of a telephone mast at Whitemans Green. The council passed the money to the rugby club for work that will benefit the club as well as the local community.

Phil Herbert, commercial director for Haywards Heath Rugby Club (HHRC), said: “This is a timely windfall for the club since we have tried for many years to raise the funds needed to improve our clubhouse but wear and tear means that the situation is deteriorating and urgent action is now required. We will continue to raise additional funds ourselves to ensure the clubhouse adequately reflects the role of Heath RFC on and off the pitch within the Mid Sussex Community.”

Haywards Heath Rugby Club is one of the largest sports clubs in Mid Sussex with two successful senior teams and more than 400 children taking part in junior level rugby every weekend, and the club is seen as an important part of the community.

Cllr Pete Bradbury said: “ The Council always tries to work proactively with local community and sports organisations and we have worked with the club to facilitate the installation of the new phone mast on the playing fields HHRC rent from us at Whitemans Green. As well as improving mobile phone coverage in Cuckfield, the one-off payment that has been secured will fund badly needed improvements to the Clubhouse building and allow the club’s great work to continue”.

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