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Five Ways to Jettison the January Blues

Five Ways To Jettison The January Blues

January is a difficult month for many; it’s all about endurance after the fun and frolics of the festive season. All too often we can find ourselves short of money after the expense of gift-buying, the short and dark days take their toll on us, and it’s either back to work or back to a routine without partying.

To help you jettison the January blues this year, we have five ways you can boost your well-being and change your mindset to enjoy the simple pleasures to help you through the first month of 2017.

Find comfort in your food
Sounds odd, we’re told to avoid comfort food! However, it’s about the foods we choose. A bowl of porridge topped with fruit is perfect! Porridge is warming and a source of slow-releasing energy with the oats providing a high fibre addition to your diet which can also help reduce cholesterol levels.

A January state of mind
As well as comfort food think about foods which can boost your January state of mind. Think chocolate! Yes, you might have gorged on chocolates throughout the Christmas and New Year period but now is the time to try some of the raw chocolates on the market which boost mood.

Get outside
Fresh air and long walks are vital to a healthy lifestyle. By getting out, you can help stay fit and youthful. January might be colder than other months of the year but don’t be afraid to embrace the outside world just make sure you wrap up in your favourite winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves!

Enjoy the here and now
Getting back into the swing of things can mean you neglect to take a break from it all. Finding time to break out from the office or to spend time at your favourite coffee shop is simple but effective. Try and appreciate the peace and calm and most of all find time to enjoy the silence! Switch off noise!

Be a prince or princess of darkness
All too often we associate January with negative themes. One theme we should embrace is cosiness. This January try to enjoy the time of year for what it is, sit by a lit fire and get out those
cute accessories which make the winter cosy and stylish together – knitted socks, blankets and candles.

By Jacob White

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