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Exercise for Health

Exercise For Health

Many of us use the gym but how many of us use the gym to literally save our lives? You may be surprised to find out quite a few these days.

For eight years I worked in a health club as a personal trainer and exercise referral specialist, specialising in cardiac conditions.

Have you avoided joining the gym because you have an injury or a health condition which you feel would prevent you from using it? I worked with many individuals in my years at gyms and health club.

Conditions include clients with:

  • amputation
  • chronic lung conditions
  • arthritis
  • cardiac conditions
  • and many joint replacements

I know a number of the instructors and personal trainers in the area and I would highly recommend many. They are passionate about their work and have a multitude of skills to help you.

I had a client once who had a chronic lung condition. He started off with just one minute walking on a treadmill. Eventually he was walking for half an hour.

He gained his confidence back and his self belief started to increase. Don’t let your current limits stop you at least investigating your local fitness club, many GPs refer patients to local health clubs now.

Health clubs have many facilities these days including pools, specialist classes such as ante-natal, post natal, strokes, fall prevention and core strengthening classes. Weight control is another reason many join the gym. Make use of the experts at the gym to provide you with an individual and safe programme. Why not link that in with some confidence therapy such as hypnotherapy, CBT or NLP?

What about that injury that prevents you getting to the gym? Many gyms and health clubs in the area have Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Chiropractic clinics attached. In combination with a medical and fitness specialist, who knows where you’ll go?

I would not be where I am today without these types of places. My back is held together by metal plates. It was the fitness regime, state of the art equipment and well qualified staff that allowed me to be able to live my life to the ‘max’ now.

A healthy mind and a health body is a strong combination for a long life.

Becky Wells,, Personal Development Hypnotherapist,

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