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Can’t Stop Rio Rain!

That title is an anagram of procrastination. I worked it out while I was putting off writing this article about procrastination. Why am I writing about it when I should be writing about a community issue? It is because I procrastinated so long before contacting the event organiser that now it is too late. I will have to write a retrospective piece about it next month instead! Keep your eyes peeled in July!

Rather like members of those support groups, I feel I should take this opportunity to metaphorically stand up and declare, “My name is Sarah and I am a procrastinator”.

I love writing for RH Uncovered – I have plenty of time to plan, research and compose articles. Yet, without fail each month sees me panicking, frantically emailing, calling and apologising to my editor as my deadline approaches. How more manageable and enjoyable life would be if I did things when, or even before they needed to be done?

I was not always like this. In fact, I remember being quite well organised when I was younger. Yet age and the menopause – that old chestnut has a lot to answer for, and have brought with them an increasing lack of concentration, motivation and focus.

Most of my friends seem to manage. When we meet for lunch they sit patiently waiting, neatly made-up and elegant, as I rush up, sweaty and crumpled, lipstick smeared on in haste giving me the air of Bette Davis in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

My husband and I share the dining room table as our desk. His side is neat, organised and practically empty. Mine is piled high with papers, unopened post, lists, receipts and vague stuff that I never seem to find time to sort out.

I live a 10 minute walk from work, yet I am invariably 10 minutes late. Some little distraction always seems to tempt me when I should be getting ready. No matter how many times I mutter Nike’s slogan Just Do It! to myself, our home is full of unfinished and not even started jobs that I will get around to tomorrow.

Tim Urban is an online blogger, co-founder of Wait But Why website and a self-confessed procrastinator. He has written a blog on the subject and given a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talk.

As a sufferer himself he really understands and describes it with great clarity. Of course, I read his blog and watched the talk whilst postponing some important task but it was certainly beneficial.

It did not help me to stop procrastinating, but it reassured me that I am not alone. Using such terms as the instant gratification monkey, the dark playground and the panic monster Tim gives a very accurate analysis and I recommend his article.

Right, that is my own article finished I must do some housework. I will just have a quick look at Facebook first…

For more information about Tim Urban’s Wait But Why website, visit:

By Sarah Ballingal

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