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Are you ready to stop smoking in Stoptober?

Are You Ready To Stop Smoking In Stoptober

Top tips to guide you on your way to quitting.

How long does the nicotine stay in your body? 48 hours apparently, yes I did say 48 hours. The body will clear itself of most of the nicotine within 48 hours after your last cigarette. But there are physiological and other factors that can delay the quick removal from your system.

Think of your smoking habits as layers.

The base layer of smoking is a deep-seated need from past behaviours. Some may have started to smoke at school or watched parents or relatives do the same. It has become a comfort layer close to our body that we need (or think we need).

Next comes the mid layer that keeps you warm, the fleece layer. This is like the comfort level, the one that makes you feel better. Getting out of an uncomfortable situation by ‘going for a cigarette’.

Finally comes the insulation layer, the outer layer. This is just like you wearing a certain jacket if you know it’s going to get cold. You build up the behaviour of having a cigarette at certain points on a journey or at certain times of day. So what options do you have to help you become a non-smoker?

Your doctor can prescribe nicotine replacement therapy; this still releases nicotine into the system but at a slower rate.

E-cigarettes are another form of replacement but do these remove the habit? And some still contain nicotine.

Acupuncture has also been used as a smoking cessation aid. Acupuncture works to adjust cravings by balancing your body’s brain chemistry and also helps heal the damage caused by smoking.

With hypnotherapy the aim of the sessions is to take away the habits and also the desire to ever smoke again.

So what’s stopping you from quitting? Is it that person looking back in the mirror at you? Is it a fear of what you’ll do with all that money and time? One final thought. If you smoke 20 a day at £8 a packet that’s almost £3000 you’re sending up in smoke every year.

Becky Wells,
Personal Development Hypnotherapist 


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