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Set Down Roots

Set Down Roots

Set Down Roots

There is nothing quite like a living boundary around your garden, or a focal point like a tree with an almost stately appearance to enhance your garden. If you plan to plant trees to make a statement or hedging to border, whether it is formal or informal, now is the time to set down roots.

Are you looking to set down roots? If you are looking at your garden this month and you are in need of something different, why not set down some roots with a hedge or trees? Bring some life to your garden this month and add some variety which can offer your garden something all year-round.

How To Hedge
Preparation is the key to success as the old saying goes, and successful hedging is no different, begin your preparation by removing any weeds or unwanted debris such as stones. This process will also help aerate the soil which will aid the hedge roots when they take root, during the aeration process, fork in compost or manure to help enrich the soil, where the soil is heavy with clay, add fertiliser.

When it comes to the all important planting, avoid planting against an existing fence or brick wall, as this may stunt hedge growth. If you are using bare-root hedge plants, plant them with only the roots beneath the soil, firm the soil around each hedge plant so that it is in good contact with the roots and look to space the plants, ensuring that they have sufficient space to grow, around 30cm – 45cm apart.

Time For Trees
Trees add impact to any planting scheme or design, and no matter your plans there is likely something for even the smallest of green spaces. Whether you plan to plant directly into the ground or into a pot, your tree can make a statement – ones you may prefer to grow in a container can look spectacular and be positioned and repositioned around your garden.

Well maintained trees can really set up a garden nicely, they can be used to add a form of division between parts of your garden, they can be used to offer shelter during the summer months, and they can be great for privacy and security when it comes to marking your property’s boundary. As well as function, trees can add welcome additions of fruit or simply some colour.

Growth By Design

When it comes to your garden design and what growth you are
looking for, consider the following hedges and trees:

Full-bodied, it offers good
effect for most of the year

Thorny, but benefits from
beautiful white flowers

Like blackthorn, thorny, but
it can assist wildlife

A conifer hedge offering all
year colour and coverage

Formal tree which once again
offers evergreen colour 

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