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Save our dormice!

Save Our Dormice!

Sussex Wildlife Trust is making an urgent appeal to animal lovers everywhere to help protect adorable dormice living in our countryside.

During the past one-hundred years the number of dormice in Britain has fallen and Sussex Wildlife Trust believes it’s time something was done to save them.

To give dormice a chance of survival, the Wildlife Trust is hoping to raise £40,000 to improve their nature reserves, to make a sanctuary for breeding.

The nocturnal mammal faces many threats – damage to woodland and the decline in coppiced plants and trees and changes in farming techniques.

Sussex Wildlife Trust is doing everything it can to save the animal – monitoring numbers, provide protection against predators and give dormice more access to food.

Save our doormice!
© Tom Marshall Sussex Wildlife Trust

James Power, head of land management at Sussex Wildlife Trust said: “I am deeply concerned about the future of dormice in Sussex, unless we can improve management of their habitats.’

“These tiny mammals are reluctant to cross open country. If a hedgerow becomes too isolated or small for its needs there is a real danger that dormice could become extinct in that area.”

He also went on to say how you can save the delightful dormouse: “With help we will be able to take positive nature conservation actions.”

To support this appeal, visit: or call: 01273 497532

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