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Horley & District Probus Club

Horley & District Probus Club

Horley & District Probus Club was established in 1986 to provide an opportunity for retired professionals and managers living in Horley, Copthorne, and the surrounding areas to get together.

The average age of members is around 82 years old with a spread between 68 and 91 years old. The conviviality and community provided by the club are important to the members and as one member commented, “When I retired, I missed the buzz of business and my wife told me she had married me for better or worse, but not for lunch! So at least once a month I can meet friends with whom I have interests in common”.

During the Pandemic, when the club could not meet, it moved its talks onto Zoom, which was a learning curve for some members. In addition, a club magazine was initiated with articles and other content provided by the members.

The Horley club is one of 2000 around the UK. The first clubs were set up in the 1960s and sponsored by local Rotary Clubs. However, unlike Rotary, Probus Clubs do not have the ‘service’ club obligation to raise money for targeted charitable purposes. The direct connection with Rotary was severed many years ago, although there remain informal links.

As with all Probus Clubs, it is membership subscriptions that fund the activities of the Horley & District Club and enables it to donate any surplus funds to local charities. The average age of members means that the Club’s future viability depends on attracting interest from potential new members. We are not a commercial organisation and the social and personal value in what we offer to a segment of our community, which often can be isolated and forgotten, is most important and could benefit many.

Horley & District Probus Club would love to have new members join to keep the club alive and thriving for many years to come. Their website is which provides more information as well as keeps members up to date with club activities. Feel free to get in contact, today.

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