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Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home

Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home

Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling, even the slightest of home improvements should be carried out to maximise your home’s wow factor. That means that those shelves which have been waiting to be put up, chipped skirting board paint or frayed carpet need to be addressed now, a quick face lift can often result in a quick sale and a quick win when it comes to sale price – remember, even just a very little effort can go a long way.

If your home improvement budget is limited, but your home is in need of a refresh, think about giving reception rooms a fresh lick of paint, especially, if the rooms are currently bright or patterned. Instead of your much-loved themes, look beyond those and think about giving potential buyers a blank canvas on which they can make their mark – adding neutral tones can be an easy and affordable improvement option to help sell your home.

If the property has been your family home for some time, it is natural you will have picked up some wonderful family memories, however, once the property is on the market, too many personal affects can be off-putting to buyers. Allow for some family photos which can help
sell a home, especially if it is a family home up for sale, but not too many as too many photos can make a home look small and cluttered.

Where family photos may go by the wayside, think about adding into your home’s mix, more mirrors – give the property a sense of light and space which many potential buyers will crave. Mirrors used effectively can bounce light into the darkest of corners in a room and give buyers the impression that rooms are larger and lighter than they might otherwise be – again, it is all about big home improvement on a small budget.

Ask any estate agent and the rooms which typically sell homes are the kitchen and the
main family bathroom – when it comes to selling your home, or to get the most for your home, have these rooms at the front of your mind. It is unlikely that you will want to spend a lot of money on replacing key components of both rooms, however, there are tweaks which you can make to freshen the rooms.

Budget-friendly revamps of kitchens and bathrooms include, new taps, sink plugs and other accessories such as light pulls and toilet roll holders. Keeping to a theme – chrome or gold can add a consistent approach and make the rooms look smart without breaking the bank. Think also about the scents – kitchens welcome with a waft of baked bread while a bathroom is enriched by a scented candle.

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