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Get Sandal Ready

Get Sandal Ready

The weather is warming up and it is now the time to think about giving boots the boot and slipping sandals or flip flops on, and letting your toes feel the air. With many ashamed of
their feet and nervous of daring to bare, what can you do to make sure that you can get your feet fabulously sandal ready?

With summer 2019 almost here, and your favourite sandals and flip flops calling your name, there are some important aspects of foot health and beauty care which you can look at to help you put your best foot forward into the season, whether you plan to free your feet for work, rest or play this year.

As simply as it may sound, regularly cutting nails is a really important aspect of not only being sandal ready, but, also general foot health. Nails which are not kept under control can start to in-grow, causing infections and real discomfort as well as being unsightly. When it comes to cutting, be sure to cut the nail to a comfortable length, not too short, which can be painful and lead to infection. Once you have trimmed, think about filing, this is especially important when it comes to the big toes.

Do you suffer from rough and tough skin? Do your heels crack? Do you have dry, flaky soles? If you work in a job which exposes your feet to long periods of standing, or little access to regular water breaks such as teachers, airline cabin crew or retail workers, using a good, high-quality moisturising lotion regularly is a great idea. Make foot rubs and skin moisturising part of your bedtime beauty regime – once in bed, lather up and let as much moisturiser soak into your tired and dry feet as possible to help revive them after a long day.

Dry skin and calluses are par for the course when it comes to being on your feet, especially if you play a lot of sport or you work in a job which requires a lot of walking or standing. What can you do to give your feet some smoothness? You do not need to invest in a foot spa, instead, try a bowl of warm water and some bubble bath or a rehydrating oil. Not only will your feet feel moisturised, but there will also be the bonus of a sweet fragrance, and if your feet have a tendency to pong, this will be a plus.

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