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Fancy a zesty workout to strengthen your body and mind?

Fancy A Zesty Workout To Strengthen Your Body And Mind

Sussex Zest is a fitness company based in Haywards Heath and run by mum of two, Sam Robbins, a fitness instructor specialising in a range of innovative and enjoyable workouts, suitable for all fitness abilities. “From our new studio we offer a range of fun and effective fitness classes and our comprehensive timetable has something for everyone – our clients are at the heart of everything we do.”

Fitness has always been a hobby of Sam’s and in 2012; she trained as a personal trainer. She began her work by teaching in gyms and school halls and loved meeting new people who had a desire to get fitter. Having attended gyms and fitness studios as a client herself, Sam recognises that gyms can be intimidating places and individual help isn’t always readily available. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she was teaching a personal training session in a gym and as she went to freshen up and wash her hands, there was NO soap in the bathroom. This struck a cord and her inner monologue promptly expressed: “I’m going to open my own gym with GOOD soap!” And here we are, four years later in a welcoming and light 66 square-metre gym
with an endless supply of luxurious, good soap!”

Sam Robbins
Sam Robbins

“I really wanted to teach the things that I was passionate about and be responsible for the quality control in my own fitness space.” The classes are small with a maximum of 14 people of both women and men. Sussex Zest believe that to make progress as an individual you need personal correction and encouragement where needed.

As well as being a personal trainer on a 1-1 basis, Sam specialises in a range of innovative workouts some of which originated in America.

PILOXING is a multi-disciplinary system of incorporating non-contact boxing and standing Pilates principles. It is an extremely effective
fat-burning and body sculpting workout and it allows you to burn a sweat while listening to upbeat music – guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face! It is possible to burn up to 900 calories in one session and your endorphin levels will be sky high by the time you have finished. Who knows, you could be the next Rocky! As well as PILOXING, Sam is trained in TRX; a suspension and resistance training workout invented by Randy Hetrick who was a US Navy Seal Squadron Commander in need to maintain his peak physical fitness. By using a jujitsu belt, parachute webbing and sheer ingenuity, he developed the first version of TRX. The workout uses TRX equipment that leverages gravity and body weight to perform a range of workouts. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast, runner, swimmer or a complete beginner, there is an exercise for you. These are just two examples of the workouts that Sussex Zest offer, but there are many more!

All classes are £6 per session and no membership is required.

Visit to find out more about the different workouts offered.

Studio address: 73-75 South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4LQ

By Georgia Lambert

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