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An invasion of Elves

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It seems that the RH postcode may have been invaded overnight by a host of Elves, who say that they are working on behalf of a Mr Santa Claus?

Benjamin and Joseph pictured here, are under the impression that “Twinkle” and “Snowflake” are going to be staying at their home until Christmas Eve so they can report back to said Mr Santa Claus and inform him as to which “list” these two youngsters are on.

When asked how he felt about his new guest, Joseph simply said – 

“I love Twinkle, he stayed with us last year!  Sometimes he plays with our toys during the night and then doesn’t put them away, last year Daddy thought it was me and my brother that had left the toys out!”

Benjamin was a little more sceptical when asked – 

“Twinkle stayed last year and on one night he spilt Coco Pops and Milk in the kitchen – it looked like he had people over for a party!  This year he has a friend called Snowflake with him, so I can’t wait to see what surprises they both bring”

Here at RH Uncovered Headquarters we’re not sure how widespread this invasion of elves is?  We’d love to hear if you have any little Elf visitors and what’s they’ve been getting up to? Benjamin and Joseph are convinced that they have the naughtiest elves, but can you prove them wrong? Obviously we’ll need photographic evidence if we’re to find out who the cheekiest elves are!

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