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Cataract Surgery Waiting Times – Why make Tahmina your number one choice?

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We use our sight countless times every single day – to drive a car, see the faces of our loved ones, and enjoy TV shows and books we love so much. So, when our sight is threatened by eye problems and cataracts, it’s little wonder we want to correct it as soon as possible.

Cataract surgery waiting times
Currently, it seems the average waiting time can be anything from 10 weeks to four years. This depends on your location and how you’re accessing healthcare. While the NHS offers a high-quality service, it has its limits: cost restrictions, time, and an ever-growing waiting list.

You may decide to opt to go private for fast cataract removal and simultaneous correction with Tahmina…both eyes within a week!

High-quality lenses
Only the best quality lenses are used. This is important because during surgery the lens that replaces the natural lens is inserted for life and cannot be replaced.

Both eyes are done on the same day
Privately, you can have surgery on both eyes on the same day. The advantages of this include one visit to the hospital on the day of surgery and less time spent recovering. It also allows you to return to work and day-to-day activities sooner, with significantly reduced downtime.

Bespoke care
In the NHS, trainees regularly perform supervised procedures. You may feel more comfortable knowing that Tahmina is a highly experienced Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and will tailor your treatment to give you optimal vision and personally perform your cataract surgery.

Get to know Tahmina
Most people won’t meet their NHS surgeon until the day of the procedure. Privately Tahmina is able to give you the time you need and alleviate any anxiety. She very much wants to be involved in your cataract journey, from initial consultation to treatment.

The attention to detail and patient care is simply the best and Dr Pearsall is undoubtedly a leading consultant in the field of eye surgery” – Susan K

To get in touch with Tahmina simply contact the clinic on 0203 137 3237, WhatsApp Tahmina directly on 07487 394838 or simply email

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