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An Interview with the Owner of Spin Preloved, Mia Brodie

An Interview With The Owner Of Spin Preloved, Mia Brodie

Born from the need to create a ‘revolving door’ of preloved fashion by rejecting the over-consumption of high street or ‘fast fashion’, Owner of Spin Preloved, Mia Brodie curates incredible and varied collections of new, preloved and vintage pieces, right here on your doorstep in Horley.

By Jamie Di Francescomarino


Here is what Mia had to say about the ever-changing fashion industry and the importance of second-hand clothing.

Why is pre-loved clothing so important for the future of fashion?
“There are enough clothes already produced to dress the next six generations worldwide… Let’s just reread that and take a moment for it to sink in…

So, in order for there to be a future, especially for fashion we need to change our habits and quick! Shopping with Spin offers you the chance to not only look fabulous for less but to also have a positive impact on our planet. Each Spin Preloved purchase will save between 4-7Kg CO2e emissions.”

What led you to open your own pre-loved clothing shop?
“I wanted my unique offering of size-inclusive, new, preloved and vintage fashion, in great condition, to be available to more people. Spin’s customer base has really grown over the last couple of years so to make buying more accessible a little shop was a natural next step. Spin is a destination shopping venue where you will always receive a friendly welcome and as much or as little style advice as you wish. We also have a great selection of sustainable, handmade, locally made candles and gifts. I wanted the shop to be a collective of sustainable local traders.”

What differs Spin Preloved from the likes of Beyond Retro and To Be Worn Again?
“Quality and condition make Spin different! Being a super-small business, we are dealing one-on-one with clients and customers, this enables us to not only hand pick the items we stock but to fully check they are in amazing condition to be re-worn by you.”

Who was your most fabulous in-store customer so far?
“ALL of my customers are fabulous, I’ve had people coming to shop at Spin from Brighton to Bedfordshire! A wonderful and memorable visit were two uber-cool girls from L.A. on a stopover at Gatwick on their way to Paris, who decided to get out of the airport. They spent a couple of hours with me and found lots of great and unusual pieces to wear on their trip and take home!”

What are some of your favourite brands that Spin Preloved stock?
“My absolute favourite is GANNI, love love love Ganni so much that I even created a #getyourgannion to go with my brand’s #thanksitspreloved.”

“Ever popular are the staples like Zara, ASOS, Topshop, H&M and Whistles, but I truly love the cool Nordic brands like Baum, Lolly’s Laundry, Gestuz and Essential Antwerp. When you find an incredible piece in new condition there is nothing like it!”

Where can people find you?
“We are a 2 minute walk from Horley High Street. You can find us at our store in Horley at Yattendon House, Yattendon Road, RH6 7BS or if you’re less mobile or want a quicker buy you can find us on Facebook at Spin Preloved & Co Shop and Instagram @spin_preloved and you can join our Instagram LIVE SALE every Thursday at 5.30pm showing the ‘new in’ items offering style advice, a weekly event not to be missed!”

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