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Get Your Kicks & Join A Football Club

Get Your Kicks & Join A Football Club

Have you been inspired by the superb performance of Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions in reaching the 2018 FIFA World Cup Semi Finals? In the end, football did not come home, however, you can take to the pitch and dream of your own golden glory. Put simply, go on, get your kicks and join a local football club!

[two_third] Football is a truly global phenomenon with hundreds of millions of people worldwide living and breathing the sport, playing it with their friends and watching their heroes. There is no need for you to just watch it, lace your boots and get your foot on the ball and take part!

Football provides good exercise, players run, kick, sprint and jump, and are constantly twisting and turning their bodies, increasing endurance, promoting agility and developing physical co-ordination. Football also promotes teamwork both on and off the pitch with teams socialising as part of club activities.

Women’s Football
There are more than 1.4 million women and girls playing football in the UK, making it the nation’s most popular female-team participation sport. Across the country there are schemes designed to help girls get into football – for more information, visit:

Junior Football
People playing in later life have often caught the footballing bug when they were young and remain hooked. The younger you start means that your football skills will come more naturally. For more information, visit:

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Score With Football!

Why football? Simple, yet exciting!

Who is it for? Generally, all! Whatever your age, ability or fitness there is likely to be a club for you.

What disability options are there? Clubs are increasingly pro-active in providing disabled options.

What family options are there? Clubs run family fun days throughout the year to encourage families.

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Disability Football
Access to disability football is growing fast across the UK with a wide range of different opportunities for different groups of people with different disabilities to get involved with the beautiful game – for more information, visit:

Walking Football
Looking for a match but lack mobility? Walking football is a variant aimed at keeping people aged 50 or older involved with football due to a lack of mobility or for other reasons which can be played indoors or outdoors. For more information, visit:

Coaching & Volunteering
Whether you have played in the past and want to pass something on, or have a keen interest in developing future talent, there are often many coaching opportunities open. Use your skills to help a club in your area – for more information, visit:

By Jacob White

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