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Applying To Be A Distributor

Distributor Application Form


See ALL information about this job at BEFORE applying and completing this form.
This form is to apply or re-register to deliver RH Uncovered magazines & leaflets on a regular basis.
Distributor details fields are for the person actually applying to do deliveries.

Please complete form in full and as accurately as possible. 

Person covering the round (Distributor) full name
Person covering the round (Distributor) date of birth. (be careful not to leave year as 2021!). If you're under 18, you will need to be supervised.
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Person covering the round (Distributor) first line of home address (include door number)
Person covering the round (Distributor) home telephone number.
Person covering the round (Distributor) mobile phone number. Please check what you input to ensure accuracy. Leave blank if no mobile and parent can accept calls/texts. Complete parent details on next page.
Person covering the round (Distributor) email address. Please check what you input to ensure accuracy.
Which area(s) would you like to distribute to?(Required)
Select area(s) you can distribute to, you can chose multiple areas.
Car owner(Required)
You will need to collect your round from Copthorne, please confirm you have access to a car.

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