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Testimonial – Tim Burberry Plumbing and Heating

Meet Tim Burberry, owner of Tim Burberry Plumbing and Heating Ltd

Tim first featured in the RH10 Edition of RH Uncovered back in 2007 when he launched his new business.

Since 2007 we have worked with Tim on a number of adverts and campaigns to raise awareness of his company and the work he does.

We thought it was time that we asked Tim why he chooses RH Uncovered magazine.

Do you want to be seen by over 122k households local to your business?​

RH Uncovered is a free community-focused magazine that is published on a monthly basis. We have a portfolio of 6 different magazines that we distribute across the RH post code and surrounding areas. 

These consist of community related content, What’s On, competitions and lifestyle editorial on topics from Homes and Gardens, Food and Drink, through to Childcare and Pets.

Our last reader survey revealed that:

97% of readers said they find our magazine useful with over 55% reading it cover to cover each month

Over 75% of readers will keep their monthly copy for at least a couple of weeks

86% of readers will refer to our magazine at least once each month

Over 68% of readers have contacted advertisers between 1 and 4 times over the past year

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