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Prom Planning

Whether it’s your 11, 16 or 18-year-old getting excited for their end of term celebration, now is the time to start planning their perfect prom! In the past decade, proms have become really popular with UK school leavers of all ages, thanks to American TV programmes and films. In fact, it’s reported that 85% of British schools now have proms. Stretch limos, glamourous gowns, and suave suits have made their way to our shores. If you don’t know where to start, here’s our definitive guide!

Dreamy dresses

According to, the average cost of a prom in the South East costs £222; with most of this going on a dream dress. The same survey found that 84% of girls buy new dresses for the occasion.

Whether she fancies a fishtail, a full length or cute 50’s style gown, it’s never too early to visit boutiques and specialist dressmakers to talk through her dress ideas and ensure she feels like the belle of the ball!

Terrific transport

Making an entrance in a limo, classic car or unusual vehicle (from ice cream vans to the A-Team van) is something so many children look forward to. Opt for classy and traditional or quirky and fun transport to pick up your child and take them to their magical night.

Most prom-goers love arriving with their friends, so get a list together of those they’d like to travel with, talk to other parents and split the cost.

Smart suits

It’s not just the girls who love to don their finest attire; the boys enjoy having the opportunity to get suited and booted too.

Whilst the average prom cost is almost half that of their female classmates at £113, 74% of teenage boys buy a new suit to wear.

Head to suit stockists to get measured up and gain inspiration on styles and colours that will have him feeling suave and sophisticated!

There’s also the option of hiring a suit to reduce costs.

Little extras

According to GoCompare, 45% of girls and 42% of boys have their hair professionally preened and perfected for their prom. 14% of girls also get their makeup applied by a professional and 19% get a spray tan, leaving them looking bronzed for their special evening. If you’re treating your prom-goer to treatments, talk to beauticians and hairdressers – many offer special prom packages,
combining best-selling treatments at a lower rate.

By Shelley Welti

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