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Make This The Summer Of Fun

The summer holidays are here and if you are in need of some fun ideas to keep your children entertained for the next six or so weeks ahead look no further! Make this the summer of fun!

Summer holidays should be about having lots of fun and we have plenty of ideas how you can keep the kids entertained whatever the weather with guaranteed family-fun and some extra educational add-ons too!

Go Back To Nature
You will be surprised how little it will cost to give children a memorable experience – in fact, often parents remark that the activities low in cost offer far greater benefits as opposed to more expensive days out. So, make the most of the summer and try outdoor activities like flying a kite, building a play den, leading a bug hunt, playing pooh sticks or going for a long walk or cycle. As well as not costing a great deal, these types of activities generally require little or no travel far from home.

Learn Through Play
Although the summer holidays are for children whatever their age to recharge their batteries and refresh ahead of the new academic year, there is no harm in bringing some learning into play. Can you, a friend or family member teach your children a new skill? With weeks to master something new why not encourage them to bake or cook a new dish, learn or play a new musical instrument or piece of music or teach an important, practical life skill like swimming which lasts a lifetime.

Whatever The Weather
It goes without saying that in Britain during the summer holidays no two days are the same weather wise, in fact you can almost guarantee that there will be some days which can best be described as a washout! When the weather does turn grey the mood does not have to, in fact fun can be had whatever the weather! Just some of the indoor ideas include building an indoor den, having an indoor treasure hunt and organising your own talent show with your lounge the stage, who needs Britain’s Got Talent?

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By Jacob White

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