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Halloween Your Home

Halloween Your Home

Halloween is the perfect time to be creepily creative! Whether indoors or outdoors you can add the spook factor to your home in a cost effective way which can involve the whole family to ensure your Halloween night 2017 is a fright night to remember and one which is all about treats and no tricks!

If you are preparing for a children’s Halloween party, what ingredients do you need to prepare for your ghoulish guests to ensure your little terrors have the fright of their lives?

Balloons in different colours at different heights can create a party atmosphere – for a Halloween party pick orange and black! Why not use a marker pen to draw a horrible face or spooky image?
Place old pillowcases over chairs and fix on creepy cut-outs of bats or hands for a scary look!
Make your own ghosts! Take a paper or plastic disposable cup and turn upside down, place tissues over it and using a black marker pen draw eyes and mouth to give your mini ghoul the eerie look!

Decorate your lawn! Using autumn leaves and old boots you can give visitors goosebumps with an eerie welcome! Why not even make a tombstone or two which you can plant into the lawn?

String or fake cobwebs are a brilliant idea to add the spooky theme to your porch or front door! Do not forget to place a jack o’ lantern or single candle safely in the porch or front window for effect!

Terrifying Tracks: Looking for the perfect Halloween party playlist? Try these!
Thriller – Michael Jackson | Monster – Lady Gaga | Disturbia – Rihanna
Ghostbusters Theme – Ray Parker Jr | Monster Mash – Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett

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Safe Trick Or Treating

Stay safe with these tips to make it a Halloween night to remember:

Be seen, make sure each child carries or wears something to help them be seen in the October darkness as the clocks have changed and it will get dark around 5.00pm – take a torch for sure!

Safety in numbers, young children should always be accompanied by an adult, and older children should team up or go in pairs – stay close to home keeping a sensible distance from home in mind

Plan a route, work out where you plan to go trick or treating before your head off out and about. Also, do not forget to wear comfy shoes as you pound the pavements of your local area for treats

Show some respect, if you knock a door and there is not a response it might be that the house is empty or it might mean that the home owner is not interested, do not keep knocking, move on


By Jacob White

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