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Get Your Kit Right, Get Your Kicks Right!

Get Your Kit Right, Get Your Kicks Right!

The winter sports season is here and for the next few months as the colder, wetter, darker days arrive so do football, rugby and hockey matches, and cross country running events. If you plan to get active, are you correctly equipped? Think about getting your kit right, after all, by getting your kit right you will be sure to get your kicks right.

If you are readying yourself for a season of sporting action it is worth taking the time to get the right sportswear to ensure you are on the very top of your game. Whatever your sport, to guarantee your season is played on a field of dreams and not a field of nightmares think where you can add the right sportswear.

Use Your Head
Contact sports usually require participants to wear protective headgear, due to the high risk of head injuries and officials will prevent you from taking part without adequate protection. As frustrating as it might be if you are prevented from taking part in a match, the decision has your interests at heart.

Look After Your Smile
If you love your smile, you need to look after it. Gum shields are worn in contact sports which typically involve hard balls and aerial shots such as rugby, hockey and lacrosse as players are at a higher risk of suffering from dental trauma which can result in broken teeth or even tooth-loss.

Get Some Support
Where you can, wear supports to offer support to joints which may be weakened by an injury. Whether it is your knee, ankle, wrist or thigh, a support can help to stabilise the joint and prevent further damage. In some cases, certain sportswear can be the difference between life and death, this is particularly true in sports where there is a high risk of head and spinal injuries. Remember, when it comes to sportswear do not be drawn in by fashion trends, and do not skimp – some bargain sportswear can look great financially but can be a false economy.

Break Records Not Legs
Shin pads are important and a necessary requirement for many sports as the pads protect shins and ankles. By wearing good-quality pads, you can help to prevent your legs and ankles from breaks, fractures and sprains.

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Common Sporting Injuries

You do not need to be Andy Murray to suffer from tennis elbow, a common injury among tennis players. In fact, you may never even pick up a tennis racquet to suffer from this condition which can occur as a result of other sports or from everyday activities. It is a strain of a tendon on the outer side of the elbow and is usually due to over-work or straining the forearm muscles. Golfer’s elbow is a similar injury to tennis elbow but affects the tendon on the inside of the elbow.

Shin splints is a general term describing pain in the front and side of the lower leg, and it is associated with running or walking long distances – correct footwear may help avoid this injury. Stress fractures occur when there is an increase in the workload on a certain bone, runners may suffer stress fractures in the leg if they do too much running or wear incorrect footwear.


By Jacob White

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