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Can A Private Tutor Help Your Child?

Can A Private Tutor Help Your Child?

Can A Private Tutor Help Your Child?

Private tutoring year-on-year is becoming much more popular, and this is often attributed to the effectiveness of private tutors of improving not only a child’s academic grades, but also their practical understanding of a wide range of subjects which regular classes cannot always do.

If, as a parent you decide to invest in a private tutor to give your child a little extra tuition at any stage of their education, what benefits can you hope for you and your child to receive from a tutor?

Customised Lessons
An advantage of private tuition is that lessons can be easily customised to suit a child’s needs. The pace, focus and learning goals can be set according to each child. This is especially important for a child with dyslexia or dyspraxia – a good tutor will be able to take this into account in their tutoring.

One-to-one Teaching
The amount of time a school teacher can afford a child can be limited with a class size of between 20 and 30, but, on a one-to-one basis, the tutor can focus their full attention on the child under their tutelage – there is less distraction and the tutor can best appreciate and work on a child’s learning.

Increased Confidence
One-to-one learning makes learning a much more personal experience and helps develop a much stronger relationship between tutor and child. If a child suffers from shyness, being in this supportive, intimate learning space can give them the chance to express themselves where they are under less social pressure.

Homework & Test Help
Homework can all too often be boring and daunting, left to their own devices, a child will work through the exercise and not engage with the subject – a private tutor can help keep the child focussed and give them the right pointers and address weak points to obtain much higher standards.

Interesting Materials & Study
School lessons can sometimes be rigid in style, reliant on textbooks and set goals. Private classes can be less formal and more flexible. Tutors as a result are free to use materials and forms of study, they feel to be most useful – this can open a child’s mind further and broaden their learning horizons.

Saves Time & Effort
Although it is great for parents to get involved with their child’s learning, it is not always possible. Work commitments can limit the time you are able to spend helping with homework each evening, and as a child gets older and work becomes more complex a private tutor is able to offer support.

Finding A Safe & Sound Learning Environment

As well as suitable academic and professional qualifications, make sure that a private tutor has a DBS (The Disclosure and Barring Service) check certificate. When you are planning lessons with a private tutor you can ask for the certificate to be produced to give you peace of mind before booking lessons. 

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