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Back To School

Back To School

It is not just us who have enjoyed summer – our furry friends have too! Long, lazy days filled with petting, snacks and walks have been fun for our four legged pals, but now as we all head back to work and school, how do we keep our pets happy when we are not at home?

As pet owners, we feel the guilt as we leave our furry friends at home on their own, and probably never more so than after long periods of time spent at home with them, like the summer holidays. To help us all combat those feelings of guilt, here are a few top tips:

Walkies and Playtime
The morning routine may be hectic enough, but getting some playtime in with your puss or pooch is well worth setting the alarm clock earlier for. Not only will an early morning walk or play session benefit your pet, and tire them out for a few hours, but it will also be great for you too, with health benefits, including reducing your stress levels – exactly what we all need ahead of another busy day.

Pop Back at Lunchtime
Dog owners know that leaving your pooch for more than four hours is not recommended, in fact most animal charities advise that dogs left regularly for more than four hours can become agitated, unfit and unenthusiastic. If you are in a position to pop back and check on them, do so. If you are not able to make the round trip in an hour, ask a friend, family member or neighbour to give them some company.

Get Them a Play Pal
Dogs are pack animals, so they enjoy being in the company of other dogs. Even aloof cats can become more homely with the addition of a new friend. Whether you choose to add a new pal to your brood or partner up with a friend who has a pup who loves to play, giving your pet a pal can stop them getting bored and pining for you.

Get a Pet-Sitter
If you are out all day and have no-one else to drop in and check on your pet, getting a pet-sitter is a great way of ensuring that they have attention and gives you peace of mind. There is a range of services that most sitters offer – from feeding to walking, petting to playing. Meet with them to talk through your pet’s needs and relax, knowing they are getting the fuss they deserve while you’re at work.

All Day Doggy Day Care
Doggy day care has become so popular with so many of us working 9am – 5pm. It gives our dogs a full day of playing and walking while socialising with other dogs too. Either drop your dog off on your way to work or many day care providers will usually pick up dogs in the morning. They will then be treated them to an action-packed full day of walks, games and play with other pups, before you return home for the final walk of the day!

By Shelley Welti

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