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8 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

8 Ways To Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

By Jamie Di Francescomarino 

Are you a key worker that has worked like normal the whole way through lockdown? Or have you worked from home and had to juggle work, zoom calls and home-schooling? Or rather had the last few months off on furlough spending every waking moment with the little ones? Either way I am sure the parents out there of younger children would agree the last few months have been quite hectic! Follow our 8 ways to keep the kids busy this summer.

Either way, I am sure the parents out there of younger children would agree the last few months have been quite hectic! Between the improvised P.E lessons and long nature walks, if you lovely parents out there are running out of ideas for the youngsters here is a few innovative and creative ways to keep them busy over the last summer months!

Every time the kids do a new drawing or after a fun day out get some photographs and start a memory board to remind yourself and the kids in a few years’ time what the crazy summer of 2020 was like.

Get the kids to help you clear out all of their old toys, cuddly toys and clothes that they no longer use and emphasise the importance of controlling clutter and the good deed of donating their old things to children who may need them more.

Gather some leaves, sticks, flowers and moss and create a bug hotel for your garden. It is a great way for children to learn about all the different types of bugs but also allow them to feel accomplished when the creepy crawlies start pouring in. To make it even more fun let them paint the bug hotel with bright colours and personalise it.

Set up clues around the house describing different household devices or places and hiding spots around the house and let the kids roam free and try and find the prize at the end of all the clues. This is a great way to keep them busy for a couple of hours and gain a sense of achievement when they complete the hunt.

Let the little ones pitch a tent or make an outdoor den and spend the night in the back garden with them for an exciting evening/night activity. If you have a fire pit, show them how to roast marshmallows (safely) and maybe even tell spooky stories.

Give the kids their own patch in the garden, provide them with child-friendly gardening tools and let them choose their own seeds. This way they will look forward to when their specific fruit/vegetables and herbs have fully grown and then you could even incorporate them into a cooking activity.

Find some dance routine tutorials on the internet, display them on the big television and get the kids to learn a new dance routine or two! Not only is it exercise but they may find it to be a fun new hobby!

Make your own pizzas with them! Teach them the process of making the dough from scratch and then decorating and personalising their pizzas, maybe even with the vegetables picked from their vegetable patch!

If all else fails there are plenty of beautiful parks, nature centres and playing fields in the area to take them to for some fun in the sun and a picnic. Keep doing what you’re doing all of you amazing parents!

Or for a more educational based activity try out First Class Learning’s summer maths worksheets by clicking here or visit their website here

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